Health Coaching

Health Coaching to me is helping you understand what HEALTHY is and how to Make It Happen in your life regularly!!

Many of us are just confused when it comes to what healthy means anymore.  What workouts are best? What diet do we stick to? How do I lose the weight? Who do I trust? Where do I even start!!!

This is where I love to step in and help if I can.  There is a very basic and simple understanding of how our bodies will respond to the right choices from food to fitness and many things in between and this knowledge will give you a huge sense of relief when it comes to choosing which path to take for YOUR specific body type and personal goals.

As a client, I get to know you and your goals, communicate with you regularly and become a friend and constant sounding board and resource.  We start by simply meeting one on one and decide from there what to do next.  It is very much a relational thing that could be simply one meeting for education or become weeks of accountability until a goal is reached.



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