Lift. Tone.

Fast Twitch @ The Forum Athletic Club –  Circuit weight training in a class.  It is like a P90X in a classroom environment.  Great for men and women of all ages and levels.  This class is my favorite outside of Flywheel Sports.  How to take it:  Go for medium – heavy weights and exhaust your muscles with as many repetitions you can handle in the short interval you get.  Use this class to build some muscle mass without bulk, tone up, and challenge your muscles in a new way at least once a month.  FIRST CLASS FREE.  $20/class or $150/10 for the best price in town.

Chaos Conditioning – pretty similar to Fast Twitch in the circuit style training but a little more cardio included with ropes, treadmills, kickboxing intervals.  You are in small groups that move through about 4-5 stations together rather than working alone around a room.  It is a great workout, fun, challenging, and gets a little of everything done.  Jeff Baird is the owner and a great trainer and guy so get to know him and his loyal following.  First class is FREE so try it and tell him I said hi.

This is still work in progress….got more to add so hold tight but go try these first:)

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