My top 10 healthy tips

1.  Get Educated!  Know what your body type is, how it burns fat and sugar, where you gain and hold weight and what vitamins you need more of.  How?  read, get blood work done, and experiment.  Meeting with a nutritionist or registered dietician once is always a great idea, why not?  You go to the doctor for annual checkups, why not make sure you are eating and taking the right things for your body also.  It’s worth one visit.  (Note: a nutrition “coach” like myself is not the same as a dietician, I can help you understand macronutrients, how to eat for fat burn, and how to meal plan but I will not be able to determine your vitamin deficiencies or metabolic rate.)

2.  Back to the basics.  Simplify your meal plans and stop trying to be so creative every night for dinner.  Create the habit of eating WHOLE foods raw, roasted, or steamed first before you find new ways to combine, mix, or smash them together and love the flavors.  This applies to kids too, if we hide healthy foods in their foods and on their plates from the get go, they will never learn to like them much less identify what healthy is later in life!

3.  PREP for success!!!  It’s the biggest one.  Spend an hour after you return from the store to wash, slice, and store all of your fruits and vegetables.  Even cook or marinade your meat/fish.  Make your bean salad, slaw, dressing, etc.  Do this every 3-4 days and stop expecting fresh foods to last any more than that.  Prep on Monday AND Friday, or Saturday AND Wednesday. Share some great prepping pics with me @caraweaver10 #prepforsuccess!

My counter after a farmers market trip!
My counter after a farmers market trip!

4.  PLAN your meals.  Write down everything you bought and how it could make a meal for the week and post it on a big sheet of paper on your fridge.  It doesn’t have to be as detailed and committed as each night an assigned meal, just write the available meal options you have down regardless of when you plan to make them.  I will post an example soon, this is a huge help to me when I walk in the kitchen and stare at my fridge thinking, “what do I have to eat here?”  If it isn’t prepped or obvious that I have all ingredients, I will quickly run to whole foods or take out!

5.  Keep it REAL.  Eat real foods as much as possible.  I love this book (The Get Real Diet) and there are so many out there that teach you about how processed foods are made that will you make the choice for real 75% of the time.

6.  Feed your mind!  Find out what certain foods you enjoy actually do for your body besides make you feel good or satisfy a craving.  What vitamins do they supply and why do you need them? It is empowering to know more about what you choose to put in your body or to NOT put in your body, you will stick to a healthy habit longer if you know WHY you do it versus being told to do it.

7.  PLAN your weekly workouts, schedule them like a meeting and don’t let anything get in the way of that time.  If you can schedule ahead of time do it.. book it and stick to it. (ie. my class any day is a great sweat-obligation)


8.  WATER yourself like a garden!  Drink a glass, bottle, or jug of water before every meal AND with your meal.  Treat it like a pill you have to take before you can put a bite in your mouth, just get it down and know that you have at least those 3-4 glasses a day to start.  Drink more if you can and limit the other beverages to 1-2/day.

9.  Socialize actively or productively rather than always around food!  Take girls night to a yoga class or try a Prep Party together.  Go on a date night to the gym, a class, or on a run rather than to a long dinner every time you go out.  Got kids?  What about getting a babysitter for Saturday morning workout followed by a healthy brunch vs always a Friday night alcohol and food gorging date that leaves you dreading the early hours with kids the next day.  Go to painting classes, dance classes, concerts, bike riding, or park walking with friends rather than meeting up for coffee or a drink every time you want to catch up.

10.  Go to BED. (as i finish this at midnight.:(! )  Sleep is your time to recharge, recover, and get ready to take on this way too busy life we all live.  The best thing you can do for yourself is to eat often, drink water, and go to freaking bed……



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