“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

The only way for healthy food to keep up with us as we run around multi-tasking and taking care of everyone else but ourselves is to prepare!  

Preparing takes time, requires slowing down, and thinking about what you need before you need it.  There is just no other way to guarantee better choices late at night, when your in a hurry, or on the go than having the good stuff staring you in the face and ready to eat.

Let’s get started, go ahead and accept that this is going to be a regular date with your cutting board, sink, tupperware drawer, and knife.  Maybe invest in some new fancy stuff since it is going to be sitting out more often:)!

My tips:

  • Don’t try to prep for an entire week and over buy produce that just goes bad!  2-3 days in advance is all you need to keep produce for and then make a trip back for a little more..the grocer will be your new bff.
  • Pull all of your vegetables out when you get home from the store or the very next day and wash them immediately, cut them if needed, and store them in containers according to how you will use them.
  • Marinate meat, vegetables, and boil eggs.  Learn how to quickly roast or cook vegetables and lean protein in the oven and crock pot with as few ingredients as necessary that are always in your kitchen.
  • Start simply with just having a salad bar in your fridge or fresh fruit bowl for grabs.  Work up to having full recipes or frozen pre-made entrees… that’s too much to start thinking about now.  At first you may eat a lot of the same stuff and that’s OK!!

Here are some pictures of what my typical #PrepForSuccess time looks like and it gets me through 3 solid days of eating more plants.  Follow me on instagram, twitter, or like the Making Healthy Happen facebook page for tons more!  I wrote one post with a grocery list on it too if you want to start now.

2013-06-17 14.19.28

My typical prep party results
My typical prep party results

2013-07-15 09.30.23

My counter after a farmers market trip!
My counter after a farmers market trip!

2013-06-10 09.37.39

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