Making Healthy Happen

Making Healthy Happen takes work, understanding your individual body type and lifestyle and putting healthy habits, rules, and steps in place that help you live free of a restrictive diet plan and counting calories or points forever!

Anyone, young or old, rich or poor, under or over weight can put these simple steps into their lives to Make Healthy Happen every day;

1.  Eat Clean 80/20 :  plants and lean protein make up 80% of your diet each day

2.  Prep For Success – go ahead and have things ready to grab that are healthy!

3.  Exercise For Results – be smart, know your body type and goals before you follow a friend to that workout that she/he loves when it may not be the best for YOU.  Make it FUN and cross train!

4.  Create a Balance – accept the good days and the bad, have some fun, indulge, work hard, sleep, play, and laugh!

Your health comes first!! As a mother,  daughter, friend, employee, and wife, I can not give my all, love with my all, work hard, keep up and be there for others if I am drained, depressed, or just not happy.  “You can’t give what you don’t have”;  so if I want to give LOVE, give ENERGY, give HAPPINESS, give from a genuine place then I have put my health first and that requires Making Healthy Happen in my life and the people around me get to benefit from it in many ways!:)

If you need help getting started, contact me and we will set you up with a plan of action and on the right path to making this happy regularly in you life!

Here’s to Health,

Cara Weaver


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